Last Sip of Tang

Lisa David Tang

Last Sip of Tang, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Good to the last sip

The last sip of Tang was always an explosion of flavor…sort of like eating a candy orange slice-pure sugar. But how I loved that Tang- right to the last sip. It never seemed to dissolve, probably because I drank it so quickly. In my ideal life, I would have drank it out of a fancy juice glass, like this one is, but I probably drank it out of some stained plastic Tupperware cup. To this day, I still buy Tang- my family thinks I’m nuts, but a spoonful tastes really good in iced tea! I just hope they don’t stop making it. If it was good enough for the astronauts…

*Technical note: This was the first time I painted glass and it’s reflection. Very difficult- I have such respect for hyperrealists that hit this spot on… It was challenging, but I enjoyed the challenge!

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