Baseball Glove and ball

Catch, 6″ x 6″ Daily Painting

Playing catch was a neighborhood pastime. If you went out by yourself with your glove and ball, sooner or later, someone would show up and want to play. You might ring a doorbell to see if someone wanted to come out, but you would never call. Eventually, there would be enough kids for a game! They would rang in size, age and sex…it didn’t matter, anyone could play on the team. I remember just standing in a grass field and smelling the glove waiting for my chance to show my stuff. All it would take is one catch. One catch. And that was as good as it gets.

One thought on “Catch

  1. And if you really wanted to make it official–time to don your Miss Softball America uniform and get out on the field! I was truly terrified when I found myself playing center field one summer day. I did not have that perfect catch–but I did manage to let the ball drop and throw it to someone on first base.


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