Wait, I’m an artist?

After attempting to set some goals for 2019 I realized one thing: Goals are scary! They look great on paper and I’m all like “I GOT THIS”…until I look at my schedule and time is up, onto the next thing. If you know me, I am obsessed with schedules. I make lists, then rewrite the lists according to priority, then I prescribe a time for each item until literally EVERY minute of my day is scheduled. RARELY do I not make  a schedule. As I type, I have 7 minutes left until I have to go on to the next thing (returning items to Target and Marshalls). So in these last minutes, I’ll let you in on a little secret…my goals for 2019 include me writing a picture book for kids! Yup! Gonna do it, along with more plein air painting, figure drawing, illustrating and blogging. It’s going to be a busy year- oh yeah…I’m going to be a grandmother in May and my baby girl is getting married in September! How did I get here? Life over 50 feels busier than in my 30’s. Time is precious people- I still have 4 minutes left on my schedule! Time to insert a pic and…..img_8855

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