Snooze Away


Such a great word, snooze. It even sounds warm & cozy!  I am a snoozer. No matter how hard I try, I CAN NOT WAKE UP EARLY.  I hit snooze repeatedly and fall back to sleep- deep sleep! Why are some people snoozers and some early risers? You know the type- they workout, clean, journal, “get caught up”, meditate. Meanwhile, I’m rolling over for another snooze.  I’m over 50. Believe me, I know all the tricks- go to bed early, get things ready the night before, get a good night sleep,  etc. Still, my body says just 9 more minutes . Why do alarm clocks snooze for only 9 minutes? I’m so confident in my snoozing habit I build it into my “wake-up schedule”. Still, I envy early risers. They seem to have an extra spring in their steps and belong to a “secret society,” the society of people who get things done.  Do those 18 or 27 minutes matter?  Will they change the trajectory of your life? I did some math (surprisingly!)  Eighteen minutes a day over a year is over 100 hours!  That’s a lot of hours…I could be painting or writing. I could commune with the birds like the ‘society” folk! A lot can happen in 18 minutes or even 9 minutes! So here’s  our challenge people: Let’s set our alarm for the time we really want to wake up if we were “those people.” Let’s do this for a week ,(because God forbid, a month is too long…even a week,  I’m like…eh?) I’ll start tomorrow…now I need to find a wake up call service!


Morning, 10″ x 10″ Oil on Panel


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