Salt water taffy

Salt Water Sweetness

Every summer deserves  a few pieces of Salt Water Sweetness (taffy!). Such a simple piece of candy, we often take for granted how precious each little one is! With it’s tidy little wrapper and twisted ends. I wish more things in life were wrapped a sweetly as a piece of salt water taffy!

Salt water taffy

Salt Water Sweetness, Taffy #2

Christmas Candy

Christmas Ribbon Candy

hardcandyYou could always count on a glass dish filled with these little candy treasures at my grandmothers.  The bowl was always strategically placed waiting for our little fingers to sneak 3 or 4 at a time! I would load a few in my pockets and eat on the ride home. It was like eating a  kaleidoscope! Every color  and shape seemed different and more special than the next. The Christmas memories I from being a kids of the 60’s and 70’s  stay with me now as I put out the dish for my nieces and nephews to marvel, and hopefully take a few home for their car ride. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Lisa David Daily Painting, lollipop

Be Careful!

Lisa David Daily Painting, lollipop

Be Careful! 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

If there is any phrase I heard most in my life, it was “Be careful!” It didn’t really matter what we were doing, we were bound to hear those two words. I’m sure someone at the Saf-T Lollipop company worried, in 1942, that toddlers would choke on their candy, hence the handy loop! Walking on a dock near water with a lollipop would have nearly put my mother over the edge.  I wonder if  a Saf-T lollipop would have put her fears to rest? Probably not. I can hear her chorus of “Ooo, be carfeful, easy, be careful, watch your step….honey…take your time…careful, careful…….” “Don’t worry, Mom, it’s a Saf-T pop!”

Lisa David DOTS


Lisa David DOTS

Five Dots in a Box


Fun and colorful Dots are a happy candy! Yes, most candy is happy, but the color of Dots is truly beautiful. It reminds me of the color of stained glass! Forgive me glass blowers, but I could lost in the shimmer of light coming through a Dot. Not to mention, they’re tasty, too! If only there were more than five in a box….

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