Hot Mess


Hot Mess: 6″ x 6″ oil on gessobord

Cherry pie from fresh cherries? Nonsense! Who needs fresh when the can are so tasty! Nothing is more American than a slice of pie on the 4th of July! Hope you had yours! Happy 4th!  And yes, this painting and the pie were a hot mess, but oh so delicious!

Look to the Cookie!

Black and White Cookie

“Look to the Cookie!” Jerry Seinfeld put it best!

Who doesn’t like the Black and White Cookie??!! Hard to resist, no matter what the season. Jerry Seinfeld, while standing in a deli with Elaine, says its the key to racial harmony! If only it were that easy…..and tasty!

Cookie provided by Lakeside Farms, Ballston Lake, NY


Do the Twist

Lisa David daily painting

Twist with Chocolate Sprinkles, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Vanilla, Chocolate or Twist. That was it. You could add sprinkles (chocolate) or have it dipped. Of course, you could go to the fancy place that had both hard and soft ice cream. You could get strawberry, chocolate chip, pistachio, maybe butter pecan. The “Ma & Pa” icecream joints of yesteryear seem to be doing fairly well, but to stay with the trends, they have added all kinds of “swirly-making” machinery. Now, it seems if you can imagine it, they can make an icecream cone from it. Soft-serve ice cream is one of summer’s “must haves”. Everyone has their own personal preference- vanilla, chocolate, twist, dip, sprinkles-chocolate, rainbow…the list now is mindboggling. That’s why I still stick with the usual…”Twist, with chocolate sprinkles, please?”

Lisa David, fudge

Last Piece…For Now

Lisa David, fudge

Last Piece…For Now, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Fudge, in the summer,  says “we went somewhere special”. Cape Cod, Maine, Vermont, the Adirondacks, the Connecticut shore…where ever you vacation, I guarantee there is a shop selling homemade fudge-like what we make at home in December! I remember on Canada Street in Lake George, there used to be a shop on the corner that made their own fudge. The “maker” would spread it out on a giant slap of marble and work it back and forth. Taffy would be being pulled on some contraption, and the smell of sugary corn would be wafting in the air. But eating fudge in the summer is like the reward for making it to your destination. You savor each bite, knowing soon, it will be the last piece. But before we know it, December will be here and guaranteed fudge will show up in someone’s Christmas Cookie gift plate.

Lisa David daily painting cake

Wacky Birthday Cake!

Lisa David daily painting cake

Wacky Birthday Cake, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso

If there is one cake I remember best as a kid, it was Wacky Cake. My neighbor made this cake, and soon it found its way into our holiday traditions. Made without eggs, the depression era cake uses vinegar as a secret ingredient! Buttercream frosting sealed the deal! Today is my birthday. And what a better way to share my birthday with you…here’s a piece of cake. Honestly, I have a fond memory of my mother making strawberry cake for my birthday, with strawberry frosting. She covered it with foil so it would survive our drive to the Adirondacks. The hot weather melted the frosting, and the cake was a disaster. But my mom made if for me…that I will cherish forever. Happy Birthday to me!

PS. I did make a wacky cake for this painting. I cut the piece out and wrapped it in plastic (not foil!) and will enjoy it later tonight!

Tupperware popsicles

Genius, Tupperware!

Tupperware popsicles

Genius, Tupperware! 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Tupperware parties were a cultural phenomenon when I was a kid. My mother, along with all her housewife friends would get together on some random weekday, have drinks and fawn  over Tupperware’s life changing products! But my personal favorite is the Popsicle maker! All you had to do was fill the tiny cups, place the sticks in and ever so carefully place them into the freezer. Before you knew it, you had a frozen popsicle that would take 2 minutes to eat!  On a hot summer day, I’m sure the mom’s loved making that at-home treat! Next…to Comet the stained counter tops from the Kool-aid needed to make the pops!

Lime Green Jell-O

There’s Always Jell-O

Lime Green Jell-O

There’s Always Jell-O, by Lisa David, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Any dessert I had as a kid was something I whipped up. Rarely was there any cake,  cookies or pie. Not that we didn’t ever have dessert-type food, but with four kids, any “fun” food went fast. Real fast. But, there was always Jell-O.  Jell-O was fool-proof, almost; instant Jell-O wasn’t. First, you had to boil water, then measure cold water, then find something to put it in, then wait for it to set up. And hours later, you could eat your dessert. If your family didn’t get to it first! And always lime Jell-O!