Tub O’ Soda


Tub O’ Soda, 10″ x 10″ Oil on gessobord



Original page from Michne Camping Log, 1971

My father kept our camping log all the years we camped. This page has the story of the day I won the “floating mattress!”

It was July 16, 1971. The perfect summer day as I recall. My father was hosting the annual work picnic. I won a green raft that day for my athletic ability in the egg race! It was my biggest claim to fame as a 9 year old. I remember reaching into a tub of iced cold soda with what seemed like every variety ever invented. It was sheer heaven- all the FREE SODA I could drink! Pull the ring tab- wear it on your finger for a bit before carelessly dropping it somewhere in the grass. Take that long first sip…..ahhhhhhhhhh. Life was good.



Cherry Kool-Aid

cherry koolaid

Cherry Kool-Aid, 10″ x 10″ Oil on Gessobord

Making Kool-Aid was hit-or-miss. First, you had to have packet. Chances are, we didn’t have enough sugar to fill the measuring cup. Next, to find the pitcher- (dump out whatever old drink was brewing in that!) After accidentally snorting the unsweetened powder when you opened it, get your spoon, add sugar, stir, then pray that you would have ice in the ice-cube maker! If all was right with the world, you would have the perfect sugary cup of cherry Kool-Aid. All in a summer’s days work!

Lisa David Salt Water Taffy

Summer’s Candy: Salt Water Taffy

Lisa David Salt Water Taffy

Summer’s Candy: Salt Water Taffy, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Summer’s Candy

If there was one candy I would equate with summer, it’s salt water taffy. Always best eaten on a warm (almost sweltering) day. On an ocean boardwalk, or the streets of Lake George (where this baby is from), salt water taffy reminds me of a content moment. All is okay for that moment chewing away- two bites, if you’re lucky. Favorite flavors include orange, banana and peppermint…but really, an taffy is fine by me!

Thanks Sweet Tooth Candy Shop (Lake George) for the candy!