Tub O’ Soda


Tub O’ Soda, 10″ x 10″ Oil on gessobord



Original page from Michne Camping Log, 1971

My father kept our camping log all the years we camped. This page has the story of the day I won the “floating mattress!”

It was July 16, 1971. The perfect summer day as I recall. My father was hosting the annual work picnic. I won a green raft that day for my athletic ability in the egg race! It was my biggest claim to fame as a 9 year old. I remember reaching into a tub of iced cold soda with what seemed like every variety ever invented. It was sheer heaven- all the FREE SODA I could drink! Pull the ring tab- wear it on your finger for a bit before carelessly dropping it somewhere in the grass. Take that long first sip…..ahhhhhhhhhh. Life was good.


Lisa David daily painting

Where’d It Go?

Lisa David daily painting

Where’d It Go?, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Every time I see a golf tournament on TV and they are near the hole, I wonder if these guys practice on mini golf courses? In the Adirondack,s there are a few real gems that would guarantee help their handicap if they tried them out! Some have spectacular fountains and windmills, others are more simple like this one in Long Lake. It’s not much of a course, but don’t tell that to a six year old. I remember hitting the ball and then it disappearing. Where’d it go? We would hunt around and sooner or later, we would finish the game, return the club, add up our scores with out tiny pencil, then get an ice cream cone. Night made.