Tub O’ Soda


Tub O’ Soda, 10″ x 10″ Oil on gessobord



Original page from Michne Camping Log, 1971

My father kept our camping log all the years we camped. This page has the story of the day I won the “floating mattress!”

It was July 16, 1971. The perfect summer day as I recall. My father was hosting the annual work picnic. I won a green raft that day for my athletic ability in the egg race! It was my biggest claim to fame as a 9 year old. I remember reaching into a tub of iced cold soda with what seemed like every variety ever invented. It was sheer heaven- all the FREE SODA I could drink! Pull the ring tab- wear it on your finger for a bit before carelessly dropping it somewhere in the grass. Take that long first sip…..ahhhhhhhhhh. Life was good.


Clouds, lisa david daily painter

Evening Sky

Clouds, lisa david daily painter

Evening Sky, 6″ x 6″ Oil painting on gesso board

There is nothing better after a stormy day than the beautiful evening sky it yields. We all share it, at least those physically close to us. Sometimes I think, “This can’t be real…I must be in the Truman Show.” The sun tries to hang on until it can’t any longer, and like us, it too, sleeps. I really don’t know where it goes…(I was out that day!), but I love that everyday, the sky gives us a canvas I’ll never be able to capture. No photographer or painter can really do it justice- you just have to be there, in the moment, taking that evening sky in…at least until tomorrow.

Lisa David

Growing Clouds

Lisa David

Growing Clouds, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Growing Clouds

There is something mesmerizing about watching storm clouds form. They percolate upward as if trying to reach the top of the sky. Saratoga County is filled with wonderful fields and farms sharing the big sky with its travelers. Growing up here, I was very aware of the sun setting. It seemed to linger longer than anywhere else I have ever lived. Now, living here again, I have become a storm chaser…anything for the glow of late day sun.