Snooze Away


Such a great word, snooze. It even sounds warm & cozy!  I am a snoozer. No matter how hard I try, I CAN NOT WAKE UP EARLY.  I hit snooze repeatedly and fall back to sleep- deep sleep! Why are some people snoozers and some early risers? You know the type- they workout, clean, journal, “get caught up”, meditate. Meanwhile, I’m rolling over for another snooze.  I’m over 50. Believe me, I know all the tricks- go to bed early, get things ready the night before, get a good night sleep,  etc. Still, my body says just 9 more minutes . Why do alarm clocks snooze for only 9 minutes? I’m so confident in my snoozing habit I build it into my “wake-up schedule”. Still, I envy early risers. They seem to have an extra spring in their steps and belong to a “secret society,” the society of people who get things done.  Do those 18 or 27 minutes matter?  Will they change the trajectory of your life? I did some math (surprisingly!)  Eighteen minutes a day over a year is over 100 hours!  That’s a lot of hours…I could be painting or writing. I could commune with the birds like the ‘society” folk! A lot can happen in 18 minutes or even 9 minutes! So here’s  our challenge people: Let’s set our alarm for the time we really want to wake up if we were “those people.” Let’s do this for a week ,(because God forbid, a month is too long…even a week,  I’m like…eh?) I’ll start tomorrow…now I need to find a wake up call service!


Morning, 10″ x 10″ Oil on Panel


How ‘Bout Here?

Lisa David Saratoga Picnic

How “Bout Here?
6″ x 6” Oil on gesso board

How ‘Bout Here?

Picking the perfect picnic spot had its own rituals. Where was the water? Is the table flat? Does the grill seem ok? Will it be sunny? Shady? Where is the bathroom? Is there room for the kids to play Frisbee? Once it passed all the checkpoints, it was time to unload the car. Coolers, lawn chairs, the lawn games-Jarts, croquet, badminton, volleyball…seems like we would bring more for a picnic than camping. Then there was the galvanized bucket filled with soda and beers for the day. The smell of the charcoal lighting filled the air, along with the drenching of Off. And so, a day of picnicking in Saratoga State Park would begin.