Salt Water Sweetness

Every summer deserves  a few pieces of Salt Water Sweetness (taffy!). Such a simple piece of candy, we often take for granted how precious each little one is! With it’s tidy little wrapper and twisted ends. I wish more things in life were wrapped a sweetly as a piece of salt water taffy!

Salt water taffy

Salt Water Sweetness, Taffy #2

(you put the) Lime in the Coconut

Song Lime in the Coconut

Well, we have Harry Nilsson to thank for this painting! I loved this song as a kid- I had no idea what the words meant! I still don’t…all I know is you put the lime in the coconut and you drink it all up…and  you feel better! This song was like dessert for your ears when it came on the radio. You wouldn’t dare turn the station. It’s the kind of song you secretly feel proud that you know every word!

Lime in the Coconut

Lime in the Coconut, inspired by the 1970’s song