My Summer Vacation

lastoneAs the “Summer as it was…” daily painting series comes to a close, I leave you with this…

If you only read one of my blog posts, read this. This was a summer I will cherish forever. I made tangible the fond memories of my childhood, and hopefully yours, too. The story doesn’t end here. I hope to publish or license the images via a book encompassing these paintings along with the American cultural phenomenon during the 1960’s and 1970’s. Plus, I want a cool t-shirt with the salt water taffy painting on it! You may be wondering if I have a favorite. No, I don’t. There are a few that as an artist, I struggled with technically. But I’ll let you guess which ones those are. Tomorrow, I start a new job at Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park, NY. I will be teaching art. I was an art student in the very wing I will be teaching in. It is where I attended school my entire childhood. I find it fitting that as “Summer as it was….” wraps up, it might as well be 1972 and tomorrow, I am going back to school. I hope you enjoyed these paintings. I hope they triggered a memory or a smile. I will be making available prints and am looking for a venue to show the entire collection. Thank you to all who “liked” or took the time to leave a comment. I also want to thank Peter Fiore who inspired me and challenged me to paint every day for 100 days. I painted for 70 days and, well, that’s works too! For now, it’s time to order more paint and start the next project!

Got Ketchup?

Lisa David daily painting frenchfries

Got Ketchup? 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Fries in the summer, especially after swimming, were an all-time favorite. With pruned fingers from marinating in the Saratoga Pool, we would eat our fries with the classic wooden fork, and of course, wash them down with an iced-cold Coke. We would take our tray of fries and soda, and the red bottle of ketchup, then squeeze it all over, trying to hit every fry! Lunch was an afterthought. It was all about the fries and soda. Then the wait to swim after eating. Honestly, who ever really paid attention to that? It’s not like we were Olympic swimmers, just wanted to get on with Marco Polo.

Indian Beads

Lisa David Indian Beads

Indian Beads, 6″ x 6″ Oil Painting on gesso board

Going shopping in Lake George Village was a thrill unto itself. Spin-Art, Frankenstein, candied everything, and of course, the tackiest souvenirs in the Northeast corridor. But, there was one thing that I was drawn to, and still am: Indian Beads. We would get a kit of beads and sit in the camper and make jewelry. Any kind of craft kit would suffice. Lanyard, woven loop placemats, plastic beads, macrame…you name it. What I would give to have one of the bracelets I made back in the summer, as it was….

Growing Clouds

Lisa David

Growing Clouds, 6″ x 6″ Oil on gesso board

Growing Clouds

There is something mesmerizing about watching storm clouds form. They percolate upward as if trying to reach the top of the sky. Saratoga County is filled with wonderful fields and farms sharing the big sky with its travelers. Growing up here, I was very aware of the sun setting. It seemed to linger longer than anywhere else I have ever lived. Now, living here again, I have become a storm chaser…anything for the glow of late day sun.