Who’s Thirsty?

garden hose

Who’s Thirsty? 10″ x 10″ Oil on Gessobord

We didn’t have water bottles- there was no sippy box, pouch or fancy energy drink. If you were outside playing, and you were thirsty, you would simply turn on the spigot, bend down a bit, wait for about 10 seconds until the cold water reached the end of the hose, then take a long, long gulp swallowing, swallowing and swallowing. Of course, you would then offer the hose to the next sweaty, out of breath neighborhood friend. If you were on your game that day, you might remember to turn off the hose. Or, your father might step in ¬†huge puddle and yell out ” Who left the dam hose on?”

Evening Sky

Clouds, lisa david daily painter

Evening Sky, 6″ x 6″ Oil painting on gesso board

There is nothing better after a stormy day than the beautiful evening sky it yields. We all share it, at least those physically close to us. Sometimes I think, “This can’t be real…I must be in the Truman Show.” The sun tries to hang on until it can’t any longer, and like us, it too, sleeps. I really don’t know where it goes…(I was out that day!), but I love that everyday, the sky gives us a canvas I’ll never be able to capture. No photographer or painter can really do it justice- you just have to be there, in the moment, taking that evening sky in…at least until tomorrow.